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what we do3Background

In 2002, the three Children’s Homes, St George’s, St Joseph’s, St Nicolas’ and the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg started working closely together in an intensive change management process to form COACH. 

A resolution to Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg was passed in February 2005, which incorporated COACH into Diocesan structures with full voting powers. On 1 April of that same year, a unified Board became a legal entity. A new constitution has been registered and COACH has both NPO and PBO status.

Administration of the homes has been centralised (including human resources, financial management, and fundraising).

In 2004 the process to move from simply providing custodial care to transforming St Nicolas, St George’s and St Joseph’s into therapeutic, life space intervention centres began.  The residential and community development services were restructured and coordinated under a central management structure.

Vision and Mission


Helping Children Take the Next Step

Mission Statement

To make a positive difference in the lives of children that we render services to in our residential and community programmes.

Primary Objectives

1.  To provide effective qualitative therapeutic residential services to assist the Children placed in our care.     

2.  To ensure that Young People in the programmes develop the range of life skills needed to live independently   as young adults in mainstream society.

3.  To provide awareness programmes in communities to protect the rights of children.

4.  To engage in partnerships through consultation and mentoring that will increase the capacity of community organisations to ensure the sustainability of their services to clients within the social sector.

5.  To provide the relevant training and support for staff within COACH.

6.  To ensure sound governance in accordance with financial, legal and administrative regulations.

7.  To comply with the legislations regulating employment relations.

8.  To raise the public profile of COACH and generate income to sustain COACH’s operations.

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