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Programmes & Services

Residential Care / Social Work Services

The aim of the Residential programme is to provide effective qualitative therapeutic residential services to assist the Children placed in our care.

The ultimate goal is to provide a safe home environment for the children, who normally come into our care as a result of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) or trauma that they have experienced in their young lives.

A number of group work and individual therapy sessions are held with the Children. This allows the Child to share his / her feelings associated with their various issues. In this way we are able to identify the solutions to contribute towards the progress and stability of the Child.

Once we achieve some stability in their lives, the work is then carried out with their families in order for a plan to be formulated so that they may be reunited with their families or seek potential foster parents within the community.

In the case of our Youth, once they are able to cope independently, they then exit the programme with the aim of seeking employment and reintegrating back into society.

The programme is multi-faceted as it must deal with how the Child thinks, feels and behaves amidst a dynamic family and social environment.

Community Awareness

Family Preservation Services are provided through a range of services such as, crisis intervention, counselling, and bereavement workshops for care-givers and children, referral to specialist services, community awareness, and group therapies on identified needs, etc.

As a general rule, communities/families hear about the services we offer by word of mouth and the community grape-vine. In addition, our staff members are very visible during their visits to families requiring support and our service.

Purpose of the Community Awareness programmes:

1. Provision of residential therapeutic life space intervention for the young people committed to our care, family reunification with the successful reintegration of children/youth back into their communities and ensuring that young people do not become institutionalised.

2.  Provision of community development programmes that ensure the stabilisation of care of young people within their families or communities and building the capacity of organisations whose services impact on young people.

3. Coordination to ensure the effective implementation of community development and residential programmes in line with the required professional standards and relevant legislation.

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