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St Joseph's Home

St Josephs Home2HISTORY

St. Joseph’s Children’s Home was originally known as ‘St Joseph’s Home for Coloured Children’, and it was founded as a Diocesan memorial to “the Coloured men of the Transvaal who made the supreme sacrifice” during the Great War of 1914-1918. 

The original Home stood on 8 hectares of land on a ridge overlooking what used to be the Westdene market gardens and which is now Sparrows Technical Skills School.  The original buildings were designed by the Diocesan architect, FLH Fleming and except for some replacement windows, and modernisations of bathrooms, very few alterations have taken place. 



St Joseph’s Home is situated in Westbury and is currently home to 8 girls between the ages of 8 and 16. 

The programmes of St Nicolas and St Joseph’s Homes are broadly the same and both provide the children with a home, family and a sanctuary of peace and safety.

The children are admitted to schools in the area and their progress at school is monitored.

Qualified Child and Youth Care Workers provide 24 hour care to the children after school, and once their homework is complete, the children participate in extra-curricular activities.

The children are also provided with counselling and are taught life skills.

St Josephs and St Nicolas Homes are the only ray of light for our children. By living in communal, family-styled houses and developing essential life skills, our children will be healed and stabilised. This will prevent them from being permanently institutionalised.

Residential Programme

The ultimate goal of this programme is to provide a safe home environment for the children, who normally come into our care as a result of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) or trauma that they have experienced in their young lives. 

Coach assists young people or children between the ages of 6 and 18. Where necessary we continue to provide a service until the young person turns 21 years of age. Children and young people are referred to the residential component of the programme by Social Workers.

This programme provides a high-intensity therapeutic intervention – with individual and group therapy, specialised child and youth care intervention, and tailored individual and family therapy.

Balancing the educational needs and psycho-social status of our young people poses a significant challenge to the skills of our professional staff. Most of the children attend the nearby Foundation and Sparrow Schools that provide specialised remedial schooling they require. However, some of the children often act out their frustrations in the classroom, becoming unmanageable. Our professional staff works with teachers in addressing difficult behaviour in the classroom.

 Children at Coach are not only provided with an education. They are also given opportunities to develop, socialise and improve their people skills. Various events and activities are held throughout the year to encourage children to “come out of their shell” and develop into progressive young adults. Children will be children, and we all know that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, Coach is fortunate to have caring sponsors that take our children on excursions that let them take part in fun adventures throughout the year.

The self-esteem and emotions of children who have suffered abuse are severely affected. It is critical then that we validate them through healthy and purposeful activities that reintegrate them into society. Social interactions is vital so we enlist the services of volunteers and child and youth care workers who assist with homework, fun and cultural outings, holiday camps and church youth groups and service.


Community Development Programme

The aim of this programme is to provide awareness programmes in communities to improve the care of children and to protect the rights of children within communities. 

 The programme also provides individual and group therapy as well as community awareness programmes for children and families at risk to the communities surrounding our children’s Homes.

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