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Life Campus is a residential youth life skills programme located in Kempton Park. It fills a critical gap in child and youth care services and caters for young people who are unable to cope in mainstream schooling systems as well as children who have previously lived on the streets.  The aim of the programme is to ensure that young people who have been through the programme are not isolated and participate socially and economically as citizens.

The intensive 18 month programme aims to equip young people between the ages of 16 and 18 with many of the skills needed for full integration into society. Where necessary, Coach continues with service provision until their 21st birthday.  The programme includes the ability to live independently and generate an income through employment in the formal sector or alternatively, through self-employment. The young people also need to be functionally literate and numerate in order to progress into young adulthood and to this end, attend IT-based Adult Basic Education and Training classes that are facilitated on site.

In addition to educational and basic vocational skills development, the Life Campus offers life skills, psychosocial and entrepreneurial skills training, ensuring them a stimulating and extra-curricular developmental learning environment.

The Life Campus is currently registered to assist 25 youth in care and 10 day students at any given time.


Community Development Programme

The aim of this programme is to provide awareness programmes in communities to improve the care of children and to protect the rights of children within communities. 

The programme also provides individual and group therapy as well as community awareness programmes for children and families at risk to the communities surrounding our children’s Homes.

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